The Red House, Aldeburgh





The Red House is a handsome double-gabled brick house set in secluded grounds away from Aldeburgh’s seafront and was the home of composer Benjamin Britten and the singer, Peter Pears, from 1957. Some of the major works, including the opera Noyes Fludde and War Requiem, were composed here in Britten’s studio in the attic of an outbuilding in which the piano, the desk, the backless chair, the pictures and the books are exactly as he had them. The pair were clearly hoarders and the gallery holds a collection of theatre tickets, picture postcards, receipts and bills from the 1930’s and Peter Pears’ inspirational modern art collection fills the walls of the house. As photography was not permitted inside the house you will have to rely on my interpretation of the interiors; a 1960’s decorative scheme with traditional antique and mid-century modern furniture and ornaments working in complete harmony to create an atmosphere of comfort, peace and seclusion. I felt that I would have liked to sit on the winged chair and read one of the many books or simply gaze out at the large pretty garden.


5 thoughts on “The Red House, Aldeburgh

    1. it is a lovely house and the garden is pretty too, although not at its best at this time of year, hence no images of it here. Perhaps we can visit together in the spring or early summer next year …


  1. Beautiful images – looks like a grand old house! I love your description of the interior; it’s amazing how the human element can bring the most eclectic combinations together to create something marvelous…


    1. thank you, Amy. I think it had more appeal because the era is within my lifetime, in that Britten lived there until 1976, so I recognised things like a Heals lampshade from my childhood home!


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