Laurus nobilis





Laurus nobilis (bay) is an evergreen shrub with dense-growing leaves making it perfect for simple topiary which is something that I have wanted to try my hand at for some time now and have spent many happy hours researching suitable plants this summer in some lovely gardens. I have decided on bay since it seems such a versatile plant, fitting well into both traditional and contemporary schemes – and, of course the leaves can be preserved for cooking! So, I have learnt that they should be clipped with shears in summer and shoots from standard stems cut by simply twisting them off. An exciting new garden project, but now the dilemma is which type of pot to choose …


2 thoughts on “Laurus nobilis

  1. It’s very elegant isn’t it. I have a rather less desirable specimen rescued from my mother’s garden. It has loads of shoots coming from the base so I’m thinking of taking cuttings and trying to train some standards from scratch. Good luck with yours!


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