Burnt Orange





It is the burnt orange Chrysanthemum with its dark green aromatic leaves that is the main feature in this arrangement, together with Ammi visnaga, Ivy flowers and Asparagus ferns.


With glorious warm sunshine here at the weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to make a start on bulb planting; these are Allium giganteum and Narcissi ‘White Lion’.


Also, a perfect weekend to complete the annual grape harvest which weighed 1.3 kg, 1.1.kg more than last year, but still not quite enough to make a bottle of wine!


29 thoughts on “Burnt Orange

  1. Hello Ann. I think burnt orange is having a moment – I have been admiring it for soft furnishings this autumn too. It certainly looks stunning in your copper vase. Perfect autumn colour!


  2. I love ivy flowers, Ann – and they are a lovely addition to the other contents which altogether make for a very balanced vase. This is my first year with chrysanthemums so I am still undecided about them, but your rustic orange one is so seasonal. Thanks for sharing


  3. The coppery “vase” goes well with the delightful peachy mums, Ann, great find, it is such an interesting shape. I like the red glow from under the mum petals. The exuberant Ammi visnaga and ivy seed heads fill out the vase nicely, and I always like the wispy Asparagus fern.


  4. I’m getting to everyone’s vases rather late this week, but what a treat! The warm tones are lovely 🙂 especially combined with the copper! Now here’s hoping my comment will post; I believe my last ended up in your spam box 😛


    1. thank you, Amy! I have found your previous comments in my spam box as you rightly predicted – will check there more often now as Hannah’s seem to end up there too.


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