Herby Hydrangeas







I am always happy with a simple foliage arrangement, however the addition of these green-white hydrangeas does give an undeniable air of grandeur and drama. The tiny bough of apple and bay are freshened up with ivy flowers and trailing ivy.


23 thoughts on “Herby Hydrangeas

  1. I like the simplicity of your arrangement and the colours which are so cool and restrained, not the colour frenzy usually associated with autumn. Something different 🙂


  2. Love this monochromatic arrangement, Ann. It is so beautiful!
    You may need to wait until your hydrangeas are at the end of their bloom, when they get papery, but before they turn brown. Too soon and they just wilt and shrivel.


  3. Hydrangeas always look marvelous with all the tiny papery florets in such massive clusters. I hope they dry OK. The Ivy looks so lovely with the leaves like stylized hearts and the tracery of the light veins. The apple looks great too with the other greens and the white vase Ann.


  4. Love your hydrangeas – the green tinge to the white is so fresh looking – and your arrangement is beautiful. The apple is a great addition. I haven’t tried to dry my hydrangeas this year … maybe I’ll give it a go next year.


  5. Lovely and fresh! I only once successfully dried some hydrangeas and I think it was the timing that made a difference. I cut them fairly early on at the end of summer when it was very dry weather and just left them on a dish indoors. I hope yours dry well for you this year!


  6. Beautiful Hydrangeas, I love these white ones as much as the faded opulence of dried ones. Your method for drying is the one I’ve read on various blogs so I’m surprised but also very interested that it didn’t work for you.


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