Frosty Forms




Frost has a magical effect on the landscape and produces sparkling highlights on plants. To capture such moments it is worth getting out and about early before the sun melts the ice … and enduring bitterly cold fingers wrapped around a camera.


7 thoughts on “Frosty Forms

  1. I do love frost and the wonderful patina it gives to all it touches. It’s dull grey cold days like today I find hard. Nothing to do but dig in at home really which is no hardship at all.


    1. I agree that the dull grey days are the worst to bear at this time of the year, but being cosy indoors with a good book and a cup of tea is quite nice.


  2. Such lovely shots! Frost really is beautiful, and last winter I literally went out searching for some to photograph… But as I have a lot of trouble with the cold, I suppose I’m better off with a minimum. Which makes looking at other people’s pictures all the more special πŸ™‚


    1. thank you, Amy. I am surprised to hear that you get any frost at all there. We actually get very little here as we are close to the coast, so it is quite special when we see it and I especially love it covering the plants.


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