Advent Wreath




 Whilst vases are great for everyday arrangements, the festive season calls for something a little more exuberant. A wreath is a great way of overcoming that sense of constriction that I sometimes find when making a vase and also a chance to be as creative as I want. In my advent wreath I have used ivy – both leaves and flowers – sprigs of yew, Vibernum tinus ‘Eve Price’, Hydrangea and the red berries of Cotoneaster. I am hoping that by using an atomiser to spritz with water every evening it may last and become the centrepiece for my Christmas table.


I also made a lacy hoop of hydrangeas …


29 thoughts on “Advent Wreath

  1. Are your flowers arranged into an oasis ring? The white candles work beautifully, and all the elements complement each other. I love the dark Ivy Berries, the shapes are beautiful.


    1. thank you, Noelle. I used a bought natural rattan wreath (from Hobbycraft) and luckily I was able to just push the candles into it and the foliage and flowers were tied in.


  2. The advent wreath is so pretty (I will be doing one for our front door soon – holly and ivy mostly) but the hydrangea ring is GORGEOUS! The colours are so pretty and you made such a good job of drying them – thanks for sharing both today and for encouraging others to dry their hydrangea too.


  3. I love both your advent wreath and your door wreath!! I have plans to make both – my hydrangeas are dried and waiting and I recovered the base for an advent wreath from the potting shed yesterday – you have inspired me to get a move on!!


  4. The advent wreath is so lovely, a great combination of the dark yew foliage, the limey hydrangea flowers, and the bright red berries and white flowers. I hope it lasts for you. The hydrangea wreath is so lovely, a great way to use your dried blossoms.


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