Berries and Boughs


It was the sprigs of pine cut from the bottom of my Christmas tree that provided the theme for my vase this week. I added a couple of sprigs of Holly gathered on my morning amble and a sprig of the bright red berries of Cotoneaster. The copper harvest jug which I bought at an antiques market back in the summer seemed just the right container for such a rustic arrangement.


10 thoughts on “Berries and Boughs

  1. Oh that all fell together perfectly for you, Ann – such a festive combination, and I thought at first there was a little bird sitting amongst it but instead I think it may be a holly leaf!


  2. It’s a very pretty treatment of traditional Christmas greens, Ann. Christmas managed to sneak up on me this year and I’m hurriedly trying to catch up in dressing the house. I wish I had some holly on hand!


  3. So Christmassy, we had a couple of copper jugs like that when I was a child – that arrangement looks so familiar – I’m sure my Mum would have done something very similar – thanks for the memory


  4. That’s a lovely festive arrangement especially in that lovely copper pot – my cotoneaster have gone over in soggy Manchester. Have a lovely week. Love bec xx


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