Christmas Rose


At this time of the year, floating flowers is the quck and simple way to create an arrangement – it literally takes two minutes. I used the pretty white flowers of Helleborus niger, or Christmas rose, and cut the stems very short.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


22 thoughts on “Christmas Rose

  1. Merry Christmas Ann! This year with our warm weather this hellebore is flowering in the Northern States. Sadly I do not have this one, but it is on my list to plant for next year….and I love the list for floating flowers….I enjoy finding new flowers that look great floating.


  2. Your white hellebores look beautiful against the black container. Never heard of forcing hellebores, that is so interesting! Also enjoyed seeing the suggestions of other flowers that can be used to float. Camellias do very well also.


  3. So simple and so lovely – and I know from experience how much better the heads last like this than when the stems are cut. I noticed a double white one open when I was snipping for my vase, but decided against using it. Your last photo was such a nice touch and has prompted me to look out some vintage postcards that I have tucked away…thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. All of us in cold climates just assume that particular Hellebore blooms at Christmas given its name. So thanks for letting us know the truth, that it is like so many plants and doesn’t do what we want it to do when we want it to happen! Thanks for the suggestion of the cloche. I have a Thanksgiving Hellebore that rarely makes it beyond bud stage, so I may try a cloche to help it along next year. This year we’ve had such a warm fall and early winter that it bloomed beautifully.


    1. i agree that hellebores are not the easiest plant to grow and I have had many failures, but the conditions seem to be just right here this year …


  5. Lovely pristine flowers – I agree that floating is a perfect way to show them off. Well done for forcing them – I have no hellebores niger in flower yet, although I do have a few orientalis already in bloom.


  6. Beautiful hellebores! and clever work to be able to force them with a cloche! – which makes me think that technique might actually be rather handy here to baby a few plants along through December… ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. thank you, Amy. I transplanted this hellebore into a pot so that I could move it around the garden to catch the sun and, with the help of the cloche, it seemed to work as I have never managed to have them in flower this early before.


  7. Beautiful! I had forgotten that Hellebores look good (and last well) when floated. Another flower for your list would be peonies. They look fantastic floating in a large glass bowl. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Christmas Ann!


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