Drying Chillies


The harvesting of chillies can often result in a glut; this bowlful was the produce of seven plants grown in pots in a greenhouse last summer. However, their stunning colours and flavours are easy to preserve for winter use (and well beyond) to spice many a fiery dish.



To dry chillies on a string –

  • pick fully ripe or almost ripe chillies (use only fruits that are free of pest damage or rot).
  • use a darning needle to thread a strong piece of thread (I used raffia). Allow about 60 cm to about 50 peppers and tie a knot in the free end.
  • start threading. It is best to thread through the stalk but if this is too difficult then just below is as good.
  • when the string is full, hang it in a light and airy place until dry.

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