Still Winter


Whilst we enjoyed spring-like weather here on Thursday, there was a sharp reminder on Friday that it is still winter. These are a few images of eye-catching outlines that make the garden so visually stimulating during the winter months.









I couldn’t resist capturing this final image of frosted Daisy Roots – boots!
(for the benefit of my overseas readers, Daisy Roots is cockney rhyming slang for boots!)


13 thoughts on “Still Winter

      1. It’s nice until you get bored or until the heat hits you in the summer (42C) but I’m always thankful for the sunshine


    1. thank you, Brian – we rarely get frost here in East Anglia, so had to make the most of it with my camera. I love my walking boots, which as you can see also double up as gardening boots. I think there is still a company making boots called Daisy Roots – what a great name.


  1. Such lovely photos Ann! A reminder that frosty weather can be so pretty although its a shame that it has come so late for you – or rather that the spring blossoms came so early! I hope there is not too much damage


    1. thank you, Kate! It is unusual to get such a hard frost in this part of the country, but the fruit tree was a frost-tolerant variety, so I am hoping it will bear fruit this year.

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