A Snowy Spring Morning








‘Daisy stood at the back door and stared at the white snow covering the ground. It was March, yet it felt like December’.
From A Snowy Spring by the children’s author, Kelly Hashway.


6 thoughts on “A Snowy Spring Morning

    1. Sadly, we don’t get much here in East Anglia, do we? It melted away all too quickly though … I wonder what Oskar would have made of it!


  1. Lovely, lovely photos! I’m so glad you braved the cold to run out and take them. I particularly liked the spring blossom with the background of snow – a very mixed up March!
    – Kate


    1. yes, a very mixed-up March would have been a good title! Thank you, Kate. (By the way, I am enjoying your feed on instagram very much!)

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  2. It looks like the daffodils and plum (?) blossoms are taking it happily! I can feel that sort of chilly spring snow feeling through your photos — it’s been several years…!


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