Spring Garden Visit









It was a last minute decision to visit RHS Garden Hyde Hall yesterday and so I had not researched or had any preconceptions of the garden. I was pleasantly surprised. The wide open spaces with far reaching views and diverse range of planting styles made it one of the most interesting gardens that I have visited for a while.
It was refreshing to walk along the meandering paths and admire the garden springing back to life now after the winter dormancy. The highlights for me were Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ bursting into leaf and contrasting with the beautiful white daffodil ‘Thalia’; splashes of pink from the camelias in the Woodland Garden; the lush burgundy of Bergenia lining the paths everywhere; the Dry Garden with many varieties of Euphorbia, one of my favourite plants. However, possibly the main highlight of all was the Australian/New Zealand Garden which is designed around mature eucalyptus trees, tree ferns, phormiums and orange tinted Libertia, as well as and many other native plants, giving such a rich texture and definite antipodean feel.


10 thoughts on “Spring Garden Visit

    1. I knew someone would ask! Sadly, I didn’t note the name, but the branches are tied (with string) to make that sculptural shape.


    1. you really should visit, when you have some puppy-free time! Beth Chatto garden is on my list for this year.


    1. it was very interesting and I am kicking myself that I didn’t make a note of the name, but juggling camera and notebook is a skill beyond me!


  1. What a lovely garden Ann! So many beautiful textures and forms. I loved the gorgeous Cornus and the beautiful twisted branches in the final photo. I bet it’s a wonderful place in the summer too.
    – Kate


    1. I didn’t really know whether I would like it as I tend to favour old Victorian walled gardens with a sense of history and this seemed more modern, but I loved the sense of space and freedom. I hope to get back in the summer as they have a large rose garden …

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