The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to share a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting. This image was taken from the upper garden at the beautiful Bodnant Garden, looking across the valley towards the Snowdonia range just before a heavy shower, hence the moody sky.


11 thoughts on “Landscape

    1. thank you, Amy. The reflection was a nice surprise as I didn’t notice it until I was editing the images!


  1. A fantastic photo! I love the moody sky and the beautiful reflection – I think its a kind of pampas grass but not sure? I have often read about this garden and I would love to plan a trip to N. Wales at some point. When I was little we used to take holidays there on Anglesey but it is many years since I have visited.
    Hope you managed to sort out your Instagram?
    – Kate


    1. thank you, Kate. It is pampas grass – I remember it from growing up in the 1970’s! I think Bodnant Garden remains my all-time favourite garden, but of course there are so many interesting gardens to visit so that may change in time. I have given up on instagram as it seems you really do need an iphone and I don’t really want to invest in one just now. I have decided to give flickr a go as a way of showing some of the images that don’t get as far as my blog. I am still loving your instagram, but sadly can’t leave a comment …. have a lovely week, Kate.

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    1. thank you, Brian. Pampas grass is so 1970’s isn’t it! You are right about the rain in that part of the country as I seem to remember we had lots, but fortunately mainly overnight and, of course, it would never stop us getting out and about in the countryside.


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