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Sadly, bees have been declining in recent years due to changes in agricultural practices which have largely removed flowers from the landscape. It is easy, however, to attract these endearing and beneficial pollinators to your garden – just grow the right kinds of flowering plants and protect the future.


21 thoughts on “Future

    1. thank you, Eliza. I think most people understand the importance of growing bee-friendly plants now, but I hope a reminder won’t hurt.


    1. absolutely! Thank you, Amy – it was taken in my cut flower garden last summer with calendula and salvias in the background.


    1. thank you, Catherine. I have been looking back at photos of this garden and trying to plan the next one …


  1. It is not just agriculture to blame, all the new developments, housing etc is causing mass distruction of habitats. An old cottage in this village was knocked down, in MAY two years ago, to build three new houses. All of the garden including several old fruit trees were all bulldozed down and put in skips. I thought it was criminal!
    Sorry about the rant, I agree gardeners need to plant bee friendly plants😀


    1. Brian, you are more than welcome to rant here! That is such a sad tale and I share your frustration. Maybe as gardeners we can do our little bit to save habitats for the future.

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  2. Such a beautifully composed photograph and I adore the subjects. I enjoy the bees that I have in my garden and feel so sad that many Americans fail to comprehend their importance. I can’t imagine not loving the sound of bees buzzing in the plants.


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