tensegrity wheel

Weekly Photo Challenge

I admire design in all its many forms. The designers of The Bamboo Tensegrity Wheel were inspired by the river and the old Lode Mill waterwheel. This sculptural interpretation can be viewed at a beautiful and peaceful location, under a tree, downstream from the Lode Mill at the National Trust-owned Anglesey Abbey Gardens.


7 thoughts on “Admiration

  1. That is a fascinating sculpture! I love how you have framed the shot on the sides with the branches.
    Always love seeing your photos as you capture everything so beautifully!
    – Kate xx


    1. thank you so much, Kate! I was fascinated by it when I saw it and love that it is made from a natural material too. I am still loving the gorgeous images of your garden (and Oliver!) on your instagram feed!

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      1. You are so sweet Ann – thank you!! I apologize it has taken me a little while to get over here to see your photographs, which I always love! Hope the new job is going well and I do hope you will be able to get back on Instagram – although I confess it is one of the reasons I seem to get behind with everything! xx


    1. Hi Allan, thank you for your comment – I am so sorry to have credited this sculpture to Expedition and not you. I don’t remember that there were two scuptures, so thought this was the one designed by Expedition. It is a wonderful piece and a credit to your design skills.


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