A Natural Style











These images were made at Great Dixter House and Gardens. I overheard Fergus Garrett, the Head Gardener, instruct one of the gardeners who was about to do some planting to ‘make it look natural’. A philosophy that makes this garden so special.


14 thoughts on “A Natural Style

    1. thank you, Karen. I think you would have adored some of the flowers – the irises were particulary splendid and worthy of many photographs!


    1. thank you, Jane. The house was once an oast house, designed for drying hops and these are cowls which allowed the heat to pass through from the kiln and they turned in the wind.

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  1. I still have not visited Great Dixter! Your photographs are really gorgeous Ann and you have captured that organized wildness beautifully. The color of the Lupines is really fantastic. I read somewhere that the perfect garden is one that looks as if the gardeners had left on holiday for 2 weeks, so it wouldn’t be too perfect – I try to remind myself this when I am dealing with my own jungle!!


    1. thank you so much, Kate. I had heard and read much about Great Dixter, but wanted to keep an open mind and I was truly impressed with the seemingly effortless simplicity (although there is a large team of gardeners!)

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