A Room with a View


It may not be the most spectacular view ever, but I love this view from my desk in my little study.


4 thoughts on “A Room with a View

    1. it is the view from my little study at the back of the cottage overlooking the garden. It is many years since I lived anywhere that was surrounded by trees, I am loving it.


  1. Hello Ann! I’m having to play catch up…so sorry I haven’t stopped by in a while. I have had to take a bit of a break as a construction project at the house has eaten away at a lot of my spare time. 😏. This is such a charming photo. What a gorgeous view to appreciate every day! :-))


    1. No need to apologise at all, Kate. It is always lovely to find a comment from you. It is indeed a charming view which I appreciate every day. Your construction project sounds interesting and I hope all has gone well.


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