A Paler Shade of Pink



Moving trays of flower seedlings from my old garden to a new one right in the middle of the growing season was always going to be a challenge. Some did not cope with the upheaval while others pulled through and performed well. Cosmos ‘Psyche Rose Picotee’ was one of the survivors and has soared to well over a metre in height with a seemingly endless capacity to produce the prettiest pale pink flowers.


8 thoughts on “A Paler Shade of Pink

    1. we moved at the end of May and are still in Suffolk. My old blog was called Suffolk Pebbles and I decided to revert back to the old title for no particular reason. Thank you for asking, Brian and I have written a note to myself to explain more on the blog!

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    1. they went in very late this year with moving house and this seems to have made for stronger plants with more flowers. So kind of you to think me an expert, Catherine!


  1. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog, as you might of noticed I haven’t blogged for a while, due to a change in work and home commitment. I decided to take the summer of.
    Had a quick look through your blog and you have taken some lovely photo’s, I will be visiting again.
    Amanda xx


    1. thank you for visiting, Amanda and I am pleased you like my photos. I hope you are enjoying the summer and I will look forward to reading more on your blog – I think we share a love of nature and the outdoors!


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