I have been holding my breath with regards to Rosa ‘Felicia’ these last three months. She was lovingly planted as a bare root in my old garden back in November, long before we decided to move house, then promptly dug up (with the new owner’s consent) at the end of May, before finally finding her new home. She has come through and is still producing beautiful pale pink flowers on branching stems with a delicious scent.


6 thoughts on “Felicia

  1. I’ve always loved photos of Felicia but never seen it growing, let alone blooming… so glad yours has come through the move safely! Lovely photo with that softly hanging bloom and bud!
    By the way, I just discovered (and replied to) your comment on my bougainvillea post; what with one thing and another I’ve been away from the blogs through the week. Thanks for commenting – I always appreciate it even if I don’t get back to you right away! 🙂


    1. thank you, Amy! It looks as if she is hanging her head in shame, however I gather she does have a branching habit! I have you to thank for inspiring my new-found delight in growing roses x

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