Bicycle Nostalgia



It is National Cycle to Work Day today here in the UK which has prompted me to share two of my favourite images of vintage bicycles which I captured here earlier this year. I have loved cycling from an early age and remember my first bike – a little red Raleigh with stabilisers. I remember the many crashes too after the stabilisers were removed, with my dad running along side me holding on until suddenly he was no longer holding on. My love of cycling has endured into adulthood and I love it today for the sense of freedom it brings as well as the chance to experience the sights and sounds of the countryside.


3 thoughts on “Bicycle Nostalgia

  1. Great bicycle photos, one of my topics in photography. Your story about learning to ride a bike is very amusing and so familiar. At that time there were very few cars in our street, but just when I was having my first ride one entered the street and started hooting because we were right in the middle of the street. I nearly fell of my bike and later the driver apologized to my father. It did not stop me from trying again and again. It still is my main means of transport.


    1. thank you, Marga – so nice to find a fellow cycling enthusiast! It is also my main means of transport too and I only wish cycling was as popular here in the UK, with more cycle paths, as it seems to be in other European countries …

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      1. Yes, we have a lot of cycle paths, not only next to the road, but also paths only for bikes through the country side. Many years ago we did a cycling holiday in the Southern part of England (from Dover to Wales and back via Harwich). I remember that we had to ride the one behind the other most of the time for fear of getting caught by a car. The worst stretch was after leaving the ferry at Dover, only lorries passing us at a very high speed and no cycle path!

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