… and so I have published my 100th post on Suffolk Pebbles. It feels like the right time now to take a break from blogging and to concentrate on other things. I would dearly like to thank those of you who have commented here or liked my posts – your thoughts and kind words have never failed to make me happy.


12 thoughts on “Interlude

      1. haha! I might think differently if I had as many loyal followers as you do, Eliza, however it can feel like a waste of time if very few readers bother to comment. As we all know, comments are the fun part of blogging.


  1. Oh dear, I have missed commenting all this time – one of those people that doesn’t always “get to it”! But I’ve so enjoyed your photography and gentle vision of things around you. I certainly hope you’ll be coming back to the blog!


  2. Don’t go! I had to take a break from blog land for various reasons but am back now…to find you are going..and you are one of my very favorites :-(( I always find your photos so inspiring and they encourage me to do better with mine. Hopefully you will be back again soon. Any chance you might start instagram up again – I know you had problems with the app?
    Gorgeous photo btw!


    1. Oh, Kate, how lovely to get your sweet message here and thank you so much for those kind and thoughtful words. I may return to blogging again at some point but, with a new phone purchase, have started using IG. My IG account is not garden-related at all, but I will follow your lovely account and then you can have a look at mine too! I was so sorry to recently read about the loss of Oliver. Much love, Ann x


      1. Hi Ann! I took a little break as I was pretty devastated about losing my garden’s namesake but its nice to be back. I am so happy to hear you are on IG again – what is the name as I would love to follow and sometimes I don’t always notice if I get a new follow. I have always loved your photography as it inspires me to do better. Now that our weather is more moderate I hope to do a lot more and maybe take another course. xx


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