Snippets from Scotland


we sometimes find it difficult to agree on travel destinations, however we can both agree that we love Scotland and so we headed to the south west region recently for a short break. Dumfries and Galloway is an area that was new to us and it was fun to explore the scenic countryside as well as immersing ourselves in the heritage and history.




we based ourselves in the harbour town of Kirkcudbright on the estuary of the River Dee which has a vibrant community of artists.


the town also boasts Broughton House and Garden, the former home and studio of Scottish painter E. A. Hornel who was known as one of the ‘Glasgow Boys’. The house is a fabulous time capsule of the Edwardian period and the garden has Japanese-style influences from his travels to the far east and this amazing papery and flamboyant tree peony.



heading along the Solway coast we came across the Mersehead RSPB Nature Reserve and wandered along the 2.5 mile circular trail with the wet meadows full of lapwings performing aerobatic displays and serenading skylarks and the wide sandy beach stretching into the distance.


of course it would not be Scotland without some rain, which is why the countryside stays so green, so a rainy day was perfect for a trip into Dumfries and with our town map to hand we followed the Robert Burns trail. The above image shows his writing desk in the simple and charming house that he lived in with his family from 1793 until his death in 1796.


Bidh mi ‘gad fhaicinn Scotland!



5 thoughts on “Snippets from Scotland

  1. You’re back! ……and I have taken a terribly long time getting over here 😦 So happy to see your lovely photos and I read on an earlier post that you get to be an official photographer too? How fantastic! Looks like you visited a beautiful area of Scotland and I’m glad you had pretty decent weather. Always enjoy seeing your photos on Instagram!
    – Kate xx


    1. oh, thank you Kate! I think I will only have time to post here occasionally which is why Instagram is great as it doesn’t take too much time. I think official photographer may be a rather grand title, but it sounds like fun. It will be for @creativecountryside, do you follow on IG? I think you would like Eleanor’s account. I love seeing your photos on IG too, and of course, your lovely blog xx

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